• I interviewed Kevin Metheny, the program director who was portrayed as "Pig Vomit" in Howard Stern’s movie “Private Parts” and “Pig Virus” in his book, for my Radiogirl podcast. As a result, Howard 100 News included it as a part of their newscast during the Howard Stern Show:
    Program Director of WGN-AM Kevin "Pig Virus" Metheny discusses Howard Stern during the Radiogirl podcast. When asked why he was given the nickname Pig Virus, Metheny states, "the purpose was to create an amusing and disgusting name to use when vilifying the 'prop boss,' which is something that's been going on in literature and theatre and broadcasting since the beginning of each of those things. People love to hate the boss. So you make the boss an incompetent buffoon and caricaturize him…I was kind of pretty much in on the joke. I understood what I was getting into."
  • After that, Howard Stern talked about Metheny on his show (my audio comes in around 3:15).
  • Media columnist Robert Feder wrote about my Kevin Metheny interview in his WBEZ Vocalo media column, “WGN program boss: ‘It’s possible to screw things up’.”
  • Chicago Sun-Times writer Mike Thomas also mentioned me and the Kevin Metheny interview in his media column, “Boo & oink.”
  • Corey Deitz wrote about my interview with media executive Lee Abrams at his Radio site.
  • The Outside the Loop Radio show interviewed me about my Radiogirl podcast.
  • Bill O’Reilly from the Fox News Channel talked about me on the WIND Radio morning show.
  • Rick Kogan on WGN Radio interviewed me and a couple of authors who contributed to the Down the Block anthology that I published to promote a reading we were doing at Quimby's bookstore in Chicago.
  • John Howell also interviewed me about Down the Block on the WIND Radio morning show.
  • Metro Magazine in Minneapolis mentioned Down the Block in its "City Bites" section.
  • Rick Kogan interviewed me again when I had a "How to Create a Podcast" seminar at Sulzer Library in Chicago.
  • Bill Leff also interviewed me about the seminar on his WGN Radio show.
  • Garry Meier talked about me on his WGN Radio show.
  • I produced some audio for Garry Meier’s show on WGN, and he, Tom Skilling, Steve Bertrand, and Leslie Keiling talked about what I did.
  • Corey Deitz wrote about my interview with Garry Meier at his Radio site.
  • I interviewed Chef Roger from Fit Healthy Foods for a few videos.
  • I produce the WGN Weekend show, and the host Bill Moller interviewed me about podcasting and being a guest expert at the Chicago Tribune's Podcasting 101 seminar.

  • I was part of the WGN Radio team that won first place for Best Spot News in the 2010 Illinois Associated Press Broadcasters Association Journalism Excellence contest, and first place for Best Live Coverage of an Event in the 2010 Illinois Broadcasters Association (IBA) Silver Dome Awards. Listen to my eyewitness report which was part of the winning news story about a deadly high-rise fire.
  • I also wrote two news features for Gapers Block that were supported in part by a Community News Matters grant from The Chicago Community Trust and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation: "A Guy You Should Know: Recording Artist/Producer J'mme Love" and "Good Deeds in The Back of the Yards"